by Netherward

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released February 25, 2012

All music and lyrics written by Netherward.

Netherward is:

Tom Carter: bass
Andrew Haggard: vocals
Morgan Lambert: guitar
Taylor Schaerer: drums
Mason Wilson: guitar

Recorded in the Dagger Dungeon in the winter of 2010 by Taylor Schaerer. Mixed and Mastered at Castle Grayskull by Taylor Schaerer in 2011.

Additional backing vocals by all members of Netherward. Flute and piano performances by Taylor Schaerer.

Album artwork and design by Mason Wilson.



all rights reserved


Netherward Edmonton, Alberta

"The universe is not bound by any such limited concepts as up and down or forward and backward; for only the great shadow of entropy endlessly stretches its black tendrils in any semblance of a direction. When the void is gapped and Andromeda suckles at the teat of the Milky Way there will only be netherward." ... more

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Track Name: Night Terrors
Night falls, full of terrors
Say your fucking prayers
Darkness encompassing light
Far beyond your power
To stop the evil from spreading
Dead hands clutch the bible
There is no survival
Run away from this place
But there is no escape
For this landscape's a maze
And you're prey for the chase

Feel not the wind through the trees
You're not alone
Fate chases you down with ease
Try to find the easy way out
But it's too late
No escape

Tired of running so far
You start to hear the voices
For they whisper
What makes a sane man mad
Makes a mad man sane
So continue to run
You're short on your breath
And your mark is so far from near

You can't escape your own mind

And now you've been cut from life
You can run but I won't hide
Our fate you can not divide
This is the end of the line
You won't get off alive
No one hears your screams now
You've been dead for a while

It's too late
Try all you want
Trapped in your own mind
You're the tormentor
Track Name: Beyond Heaven, Beneath Hell
Forces beyond your control
Cremate the dust of your soul
Frozen astral wasteland of
Things your mind can not touch

Pulsing, pounding,
Your heart explodes
As does your feeble mind
Possessor is upon you
It's useless to resist

Endless spectral dark
The hunter's found his mark
Give in, give in, give in,
To the madness within

Pulsing, pounding,
Your heart explodes
As does your feeble mind
Possessor is upon you
It's useless to exist

Feel the roots slip away
As you sink into the ground
You can not escape

The possessor
Gives no quarter
The possessor

Forsake your fallen idols
I am your one true god
Rip down the gates of heaven
The skies are stained with blood
The devil is no one's master
His palace will be next
Satan's kingdom made disaster
His heart torn from his chest

The possessor
Gives no quarter
The possessor
Mental slaughterer

I will be free
Your soul
Your soul is mine

Beyond the heavens
Beneath the pits of hell

In dark places
Where nothing else can dwell
Track Name: Bloodmeal
Descending deeper than hell
The panic of my heartbeat
Echoes through the abyss
Unconscious spell
My lungs are filling fast
As I'm sinking

The blackness is complete
This nautical nightmare
By the churning waves
Sent into the deep
These broken bones won't
Keep me from drowning

I'm sinking leagues
Beneath the surface
Death calls for my soul

Dark liquid spills
My pulse it stills
Breath takes its last toll

Water fills your lungs
Wrenching twisting rungs
Pressure burst your eyes
Pray for your demise

Fingers falling numb
Pray for death to come
Blood awakes the breed
Mother come to feed

I swim with stars in the sky
Eternal rest a delusion
Awake inside the gaze of
Countless beady red eyes
Sinister creatures approach
And I'm helpless

The water begins to boil
A squirming lure is enticing
To the shadows
Now I feel a tentacle coil
It slips around my throat
And I'm bloodmeal

I'm sinking leagues
Beneath the surface
Death calls for my soul

Translucent skin
Glowing veins within
Flesh drips off its bones

Water fills your lungs
Wrenching twisting rungs
Blood awakes the breed
Mother come to feed

I, the worm
Hang from the gallows
I, the worm
With hook through my marrow
I, the worm
Succumb to the horror
Drowning in death
Stygian explorer

Cleaving the flesh from my bones
Frenzied feeding begins
I am their fodder
Thousands of the starving drones
Arriving at the scene
Of my slaughter

In the darkness light burns
A fading ember escapes
As my life ends
Creatures devouring the light
I'm dead, I'm gone, I'm bloodmeal

Descending beyond hell
Water fills your lungs
Pray for your demise

I'm dead
I'm gone
I'm bloodmeal
Track Name: Evil Upheaval
Rise up from the ground
Destroy every sound
Tear apart their face
Leave naught in their place
Slice through the bone
Eviscerate the throne
Burn off the flesh

Rot no more
Raise the fallen
Evil soul
Clenching fist
Rips the grave
The empowered
Be our slaves

The tyrant's endless greed
Death is what we need
New order we create
Storm the hostile gates
Leave no stone unturned
His body must be burned
Dethroned, entombed

The end of an era
The start of a new
Hide in the weeds
That you once grew
Come harvest you will know
We've reaped what you've sown
We are what we destroyed

Rising tide

Take the path of most resistance
Conquer all
Fan the flames of our existence
Burn them all

Rise, rise
My demon clan
The glass is shattered
Last grain of sand
Now is time to
Meet your maker

Welcome no more
Watch the irony unfurl
As the placid dam
Does burst
Quench our thirst

This is an evil upheaval
We're coming for your crown
This is an evil upheaval
Sharpen your sword
Track Name: Berserkergang
As the ancients whisper lore
Sup the flesh of demon spore
Through the crust of earth is found
Mind is lost, soul is bound

Turn to beast or become damned
Serpent fodder is the lamb
Frozen from the realm of pain
Spill the blood, make it rain

Deep inside
Psychotropic mind
Twisted Rage
Burst forth from the cage

Moisten soil, hemorrhaging foe
Nourish the roots, let the moss grow
Cells and platelets to the dirt
Life will thrive from your hurt

Eat the roots of yggdrasil
Prey on their fear, feel the kill
Reap their souls, every one
Under the midnight sun

Wolves eat the flesh
Flesh ripped from bone
Bone from the weakened
Sick and alone

Rabid, the poor
Pour through the blades
Blades sever tendons
The agony fades

Pray for the wolf
Wolf down the prey
Prey, once a hunter
Now just the bones lay

Rabid, the poor
Pour through the blades
Blades sever tendons
The agony...

On your knees, look to the sky
Before the gods, many have died
Destined for the funeral pyre
Give in to dark desires

Guided by the wizard of lies
A hundred thousand battles cries
The dead are gone but won't forget
A coward dies a thousand deaths
Track Name: Galactic Cannibalism
Time, space, meaningless
Unknown life forms
Just beyond our grasp
Light years of storms

Swirling through aeons
Before the dawn of man
Black holes forming
Hopeless to make a stand

The time has come to burn
Prepare yourself
As the oceans churn
Cities turned to ash

The time has come to leave this place
Witness the dawn
Ricochet through time and space
Event horizon

Boom, supernova
A beacon warns us of the end

Boom, supernova
Reality begins to bend

Boom, supernova
Man's atonement is pretend

Close your eyes
Silent cries
Seeing stars
Astral scars

The time has come to burn
In galactic acid
Eating through the urn
Mantle down to core

The time has come to leave this place
Looking back in time
This is mankind's fall from grace
The payment for his crimes



Mother's milk
Father's blood

The end of time itself

End of time

The cannibal
Of Galaxies
Will salt the earth
And boil the seas

Into the pit
Into the pit
Into the blackened hole

Into the pit
Into the pit
Apocalypse of worlds