by Netherward

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released May 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Netherward Edmonton, Alberta

"The universe is not bound by any such limited concepts as up and down or forward and backward; for only the great shadow of entropy endlessly stretches its black tendrils in any semblance of a direction. When the void is gapped and Andromeda suckles at the teat of the Milky Way there will only be netherward." ... more

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Track Name: Cordyceps
Tape worm ouroboros
Never ending host range
Immunity blocking synthesis
Parasite of the soul

There is a thing that does not belong
Burrowed and deep beneath the skin
In my cells, in my veins
Blocking my desire from within

Foreign body in the body of mine
Terrorist of the regime
Pathogenic prime mover
Prolific contagious meme

I'm so sick
Destroy it
Death not quick
I'm dying, from the inside out

Consciousness seized
Whose thoughts are these?
Track Name: Regolith
On, beyond
Distant memories of home are gone
Flee this word and carry on
Sailing stormy seas until the dawn
Live on
Our course is set our weapons drawn

Oceans of ash
Gardens of salt
Reckoning wrought
From never enough

We, the blight
Venture on through endless night
The light
Torrent done our end in sight
My crew
Shed that which we once knew
Fate's view
Once were many, now are few

Oceans of ash
It's all your fault
Reckoning wrought
Now we have naught

Barren waste like earth
Clearly shows your worth
Landing gear meets shore
Plant the flag it's yours

Death at our back
Death lies ahead
We cannot fail
Where we have lived
Where we have bled
Into the great unknown


40 men set sail forth to see
Where Sól doth set
30 men arrived at shore
Ten paid the water's debt
20 men did winter through
Ten more did Vinland take
10 again laid down our best
In graves Skraelingar make

Gliding quiet 'cross the vast and
Lumin-clouded track
An eye appeared then to the rest
Afloat in seas of black
It beckoned them to raise the sail and
Make the oars to crack
Apollo ever travels west;
The moon doth bring them back.
Track Name: Wrath's Damsel
Autumn sky wash away
The smell of oak and decay
Through he rides
A gelding gallantly strides

Slay your high horse
A sword to the chest
Step on hallowed ground
Come see what you've left
The daimyo flag
Warnings to the deaf
Take hold of her hand
A ticket to your death

No more
Take this no more

Fool, you will not forget her
Fool, you can't run forever

No, wrath's damsel
Haunting the ghost of a soul
Cast shadow

Whip the reigns
Strong hooves pound
As Deino's gait breaks the ground

Veil of fog
Mask the dread
The fright has gone to his head

Fall now, left behind
Alone to weep
Blood for regret
Lift your rotten gaze
Look at your work
While you have eyes

Enchanting dress painted red
Elegance like skin is shed
Violence personified

A stunning face at least what's left
Broken teeth and cheeks are cleft
If only she could crack a smile
Before she swallows up your
Last breath

No, wrath's damsel
Track Name: Tongue Of the Seraph
Take leave of this hatred
You're going to die alone
Stare down

A man can not live a lie
And still be a man
Stare down

Stress, fatigue, capacity
The last straw will snap
Levee has broke
A liar's words wont float

From the top come lies
Faces lack their eyes
Stare down

If we are your image
Then you will be our shadow
Stare down

It's for you
That we wake
It's all for you
That we keep awake

Come and face your fears
Or in a sea of them you'll drown
And when it rains it pours
No time for remorse
Your mouth won't shut

We can't pray to above
Expecting help or love
Stare down

We must fortify our spire
A shiv in god's desire
Stare down

Ambition was your child
The prince will claim the throne

Cut your tongue out

And forgive my passion
My love and my devotion to you
This longing to please
Is more than I could bear

If you shut your mouth
The words stop falling out
Track Name: Thankless

Garbage from the start
Old money makes you rich
The epitome of useless
Destined for the ditch

Only thing you're good at
Is making enemies
The friends you once had
Stab you in the back
There is an absence
Of intelligence
Blame defined
But still your crimes

Worthless human
Infected rat
"Not my problem"
I'll remember that

Worthless human
Don't you forget
"Not my problem"
Words you will regret

Too dumb to live
Too stupid to die
You think you do good
With the carcass you'll lie


I had a thought once
Something you could try
Think about your friends
And how you will die
Surrounded by
Your enemies
Just to make sure
That you're dead
And at long last
The fool has lost his head
Blood shot eyes
Filled with blood shot lives

Where do you even come from
Interaction has lost such meaning
You throw away your inhibitions
To wake up in a place
You don't belong

...Push your luck...

Track Name: Rebirth
Who governs you?
Rejection of Deity
What do you hope to achieve?
Rejection of Extinction
When will it consume you?
Rejection of Affliction
Where will you run?
Rejection of Guilt
Why do you struggle?
Rejection of Hubris