Galactic Cannibalism

from by Netherward

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Time, space, meaningless
Unknown life forms
Just beyond our grasp
Light years of storms

Swirling through aeons
Before the dawn of man
Black holes forming
Hopeless to make a stand

The time has come to burn
Prepare yourself
As the oceans churn
Cities turned to ash

The time has come to leave this place
Witness the dawn
Ricochet through time and space
Event horizon

Boom, supernova
A beacon warns us of the end

Boom, supernova
Reality begins to bend

Boom, supernova
Man's atonement is pretend

Close your eyes
Silent cries
Seeing stars
Astral scars

The time has come to burn
In galactic acid
Eating through the urn
Mantle down to core

The time has come to leave this place
Looking back in time
This is mankind's fall from grace
The payment for his crimes



Mother's milk
Father's blood

The end of time itself

End of time

The cannibal
Of Galaxies
Will salt the earth
And boil the seas

Into the pit
Into the pit
Into the blackened hole

Into the pit
Into the pit
Apocalypse of worlds


from BloodMeal, released February 25, 2012
Tom Carter: bass
Andrew Haggard: vocals
Morgan Lambert: guitar
Taylor Schaerer: drums
Mason Wilson: guitar



all rights reserved


Netherward Edmonton, Alberta

"The universe is not bound by any such limited concepts as up and down or forward and backward; for only the great shadow of entropy endlessly stretches its black tendrils in any semblance of a direction. When the void is gapped and Andromeda suckles at the teat of the Milky Way there will only be netherward." ... more

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