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As the ancients whisper lore
Sup the flesh of demon spore
Through the crust of earth is found
Mind is lost, soul is bound

Turn to beast or become damned
Serpent fodder is the lamb
Frozen from the realm of pain
Spill the blood, make it rain

Deep inside
Psychotropic mind
Twisted Rage
Burst forth from the cage

Moisten soil, hemorrhaging foe
Nourish the roots, let the moss grow
Cells and platelets to the dirt
Life will thrive from your hurt

Eat the roots of yggdrasil
Prey on their fear, feel the kill
Reap their souls, every one
Under the midnight sun

Wolves eat the flesh
Flesh ripped from bone
Bone from the weakened
Sick and alone

Rabid, the poor
Pour through the blades
Blades sever tendons
The agony fades

Pray for the wolf
Wolf down the prey
Prey, once a hunter
Now just the bones lay

Rabid, the poor
Pour through the blades
Blades sever tendons
The agony...

On your knees, look to the sky
Before the gods, many have died
Destined for the funeral pyre
Give in to dark desires

Guided by the wizard of lies
A hundred thousand battles cries
The dead are gone but won't forget
A coward dies a thousand deaths


from BloodMeal, released February 25, 2012
Tom Carter: bass
Andrew Haggard: vocals
Morgan Lambert: guitar
Taylor Schaerer: drums
Mason Wilson: guitar



all rights reserved


Netherward Edmonton, Alberta

"The universe is not bound by any such limited concepts as up and down or forward and backward; for only the great shadow of entropy endlessly stretches its black tendrils in any semblance of a direction. When the void is gapped and Andromeda suckles at the teat of the Milky Way there will only be netherward." ... more

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